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Pet and Pet Supplies and Accessories


Here at Corowa Nursery and Garden Centre, we offer a variety of pet supplies, such as dog and cat toys, aquarium accessories, bird cages, bird seed, fish food and more. Our stock varies from premium products to budget-friendly supplies.

We encourage the whole family to visit our store and enjoy viewing our selection of beautiful fish and birds. If you wish to build a paradise within the comforts of your home—it might be time to buy a pet bird or install an aquarium so you can live amongst the sights and sounds of nature.

Have a specific breed of bird or fish in mind? Give us a call or visit us in store today.



Here at Corowa Nursery & Garden Centre, we offer customers a variety of beautiful fish breeds, aquarium supplies, tanks, food, filters and more. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can assist you so you can shop with ease.

We understand that fish thrive in different types of water. That is why we offer a wide selection of specialised equipment for both fresh and saltwater tanks. From varied tank sizes to aquarium cleaning accessories—you will find everything needed to care of your pet fish here.

It’s important that you thoroughly research and select the right equipment for your tank to ensure the wellbeing of your new pets. Learn the basics from our staff.

We stock fighter fish, gold fish and many more species. If you want more information about our selection, visit us in store or call today.
Gold Fish — Corowa Nursery & Garden Centre in Corowa, NSW
Bird Enclosure — Corowa Nursery & Garden Centre in Corowa, NSW



At Corowa Nursery & Garden Centre, we offer a selection of domestic and exotic bird species to turn your home into paradise. We understand that every bird species has specific needs. That’s why we stock a wide range of cages, food and toys to suit the needs of every bird we sell.

From feeders and seeds to treatments, you can make a suitable habitat your pet will enjoy.

To learn more about our bird species, visit our store today.