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Landscape Garden Products — Corowa Nursery & Garden Centre in Corowa, NSW

Landscape Supplies in Corowa


Revamp Your Outdoor Space


Whether it is a small home renovation or large commercial landscaping project, Corowa Nursery & Garden Centre will provide industry approved supplies and products guaranteed to make the job a breeze.
We offer turf, garden mulch, soil, sand, gravel and decorative pebbles to complete your landscape revamp. With more than two decades’ experience under our belt, our business is one of the leading garden and landscape centres in Corowa. We have successfully established a name that locals trust!

Our products are not just there to improve the look of your surrounds—they are also functional with many added benefits, like increasing the organic content of your garden soils.

At Corowa Nursery, we also stock a wide range of pots, irrigation systems and pool chemicals.



Whatever you need, we’ve got the right sand for you!

At Corowa Nursery and Garden Centre, we can provide you with a wide range of sand types for all your garden and outdoor areas. Whether you are building a fire pit or outdoor kitchen, you’ll find a solution in store. Concreting, rendering, tiling or bricklaying—get the right sand to get the job done.

Our team will match a product to your needs.
Sand — Corowa Nursery & Garden Centre in Corowa, NSW
Soil in a Pot — Corowa Nursery & Garden Centre in Corowa, NSW



We offer a complete line of potting soils and amendments to use for organic gardening. Our organic soils contain a rich blend of natural ingredients designed to enhance the composition and encourage growth.

At Corowa Nursery and Garden Centre, we provide all variants of soil to compliment different projects. Whether there is a need for organic compost, soil amendments, top soil, potting mix, organic soil or topdressing, our experts can assist you with whatever you need.

Bring your garden back to life with our rich soil products today.



Still not sure which gravel best suits your landscaping project? At Corowa Nursery & Garden Centre, our staff can help you find the right gravel for the job.

In our landscape supplies section, we offer a wide range of gravels for use as driveway toppings, pathways, base for paving stones or a foundation for your retaining wall. Our gravels come in different sizes, shapes, colours and compositions.

Whether you are looking for gravel for a backyard project or require a large order for commercial construction—we can help you!
Gravel — Corowa Nursery & Garden Centre in Corowa, NSW
Mulch — Corowa Nursery & Garden Centre in Corowa, NSW



Getting the right mulch is important for your plants. It provides protection during the cold winters and the hot summers, preventing your garden soil from drying out. At Corowa Nursery & Garden Centre, we offer a wide variety of mulches to help prevent soil erosion and improve the appearance of your landscape.

Let us help you choose the perfect mulch for your project. Our friendly staff are glad to assist you.